4&20 Presents...

The Western Washington Improv DIY Run/Walkathon!

April 11th, at 9am, Anywhere At Least Six Feet Away From Anyone Else!



On Saturday, April 11th, at 9am, the following events will be held wherever you are:

A 5k!
A 10k!
A Half-Marathon!
A Full Marathon!
A Cross Country Forrest Gump Style Run!
A Go However Far You Want-a-thon!
A Don’t Move At All, But You Want To Participate Anyway-a-thon!
A Special Event For People Who Don’t Want Anything To Do With This!

Where, You Ask?

Washington State has agreed to shut down the entire state in order for you to be able to run whereever you want, as long as it isn’t within six feet of anyone else (unless you’re living with them). So you can pick whatever starting line and whatever finish line you like!

How Do I Enter?

  1. Go to This Form to Register!
  2. Your Anonymous Entry Fee: As Able*, Make A Donation, Purchase A Gift Card, Or Help Someone Out!

* If you have lost employment or income, or are in a tough spot financially, your entry fee is fully waived.

Some Donation Suggestions

  • Bandit Theatre: https://bit.ly/2y4qdbn
  • CSz Seattle Gift Cards: https://bit.ly/33Karyl
  • Jet City Improv Donations: https://bit.ly/2UkpTy3
  • Intersections Festival: https://bit.ly/2UAg9P8
  • Unexpected Productions Donations: http://bit.ly/32vgvcE
  • Theatre Puget Sound: https://bit.ly/2Ukb6DD
  • Help out an individual who is connected with improv in some way!

You do not need to disclose whether you gave, or how much. However, you are welcome to display your affiliation for whatever organizations or individuals you’d like to advertise your support for, on a home crafted runners bib or t-shirt, whether or not you give!

What Do I Win?

If you complete the event (and register your completion), you will be emailed a Premium Digital Medal honoring your accomplishment! You may also make your own physical medal, and display it proudly however you like!


What If I Contract Corona Virus Between Now and the Western Washington DIY Run/Walk Fund Raiser?

Participants who are lucky enough to catch the virus will receive a special digital medal only available to corona virus precipitants, and will be listed on a digital wall of honor, to be posted to social media.

How Do I Train? Aren’t I Supposed To Stay Inside All The Time?

Be safe, but know that both running and walking by yourself are fully within the CDC’s guidelines, and the Washington State Shelter In Place allow for running and walking as long as you avoid mass gatherings and stay six feet away from each other.

Should I Push Myself Really Hard And Risk Needing Medical Care?

No! Geez! Stay out of the hospital!

Where Do I Pick Up My Packet?

Unlike other, less organized, inconvenient run/walk events, participants will be able to pick up their packets in their own homes by making their own packets! Each participant will be emailed a unique number which they can pin, draw, tattoo, or indicate via shouting or sign language as they run!

What If I Can’t Make This Time?

You may participate at an alternate time before 7pm on Sunday, April 12th, to receive full honors and a digital medal.

Hi! I’m a Lawyer! Are you benefiting from this event in anyway, financially?

Nope! There are no proceeds except for whatever participants decide to donate to other organizations or individuals. Is that a proceed? I’m not sure.

How Do I Register?

There will be a registration link soon! You will receive a number, indicating you are officially part of the event!